Meal Plan and Prep

Let’s talk Food! More specifically, the planning and preparation of food and how seriously beneficial it is.

I believe to have the most success following the Ketogenic diet, or really any healthy lifestyle and way of eating, meal planning and prep is crucial. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, it is the act of planning out and preparing meals for a specific amount of time (I typically do a weeks worth at a time, sometimes more depending on plans or special occasions).

Meal prep has been a big part of my life for the past few years. Because of it, I am able to maximize my time during the week. Instead of being in the kitchen every evening for an hour or so because of dinner and dishes, I am able to spend that time with my family. Since I plan the meals for the week, I am able to buy only the groceries needed for those meals (massive money saver!!), whereas before I was impulsive in what I put into my shopping cart and more often than not, ended every week with food that wasn’t eaten, which was a huge waste. Not to mention, it has helped prevent us from stopping through the drive thru on our way home from a long day at work when you have zero interest in cooking dinner, which in itself is a massive win.

Click these links if you need a little help figuring out where to start or to read more about the benefits that come from it!

The day I choose to do my meal prep is Sunday. Having it be the day before our work and school week starts, it makes the most sense for us. I typically will prepare a weeks worth of meals; some freezer meals, some fully cooked grab and go meals, kid approved school lunches and will do all the food prep like chopping and dividing snacks, veggies and whatnot into proper portions and containers. I find if I have fruits and veggies pre-cut, they tend to be eaten and used faster, not forgotten about and wasted.

For my weekly meal plans, unlike most other plans, I don’t like to plan which meals we have on specific days of the week. I find for me personally, I prefer to choose the day of, what I’m feeling like or craving from my inventory of prepped deliciousness. I do plan enough meals for the week, but I know me, if I tell myself I have to eat something on a specific day I wont want to eat it. Rebel, I know. Sigh, some things never change.

Because of this, I have created my own template for meal planning. If you’re like me, you’re welcome to download it here for free!

Happy prepping!